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Apexnumber Review – Not the Financial Pinnacle They Appear to Be

If one were to trust the advertisements on Apexnumber’s website, it would seem they are at the forefront of the online brokerage industry. Promises of incredibly profitable prospects, low costs, and great conditions have lured many newcomers into their trap.

However, beneath the shiny exterior lies a predatory scheme. Our Apexnumber review will expose these swindlers and guide you on how to recover your money.

Unregulated and Unknown

Despite Apexnumber’s claims of being regulated, no proof of this exists online. The website asserts regulation by the Financial Services Authority of the United States, an entity that doesn’t exist. In reality, the CFTC and NFA regulate financial services in the US, and Apexnumber Ltd is not listed among their licensed firms.

Additionally, their supposed affiliation with International Capital Markets Pty Ltd, regulated by ASIC in Australia, is unsubstantiated. They also claim CySEC oversight as Apexnumber (EU) Ltd, but no such entry exists in CySEC’s database.

Other offshore regulation claims, like being monitored by the FSA from Seychelles, are equally false. In short, this broker is not regulated anywhere.

How the Fraudsters Operate

The website was created in September 2023, which explains the lack of Apexnumber reviews. The fraud primarily targets citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Jamaica, and Australia.

To appear credible, the firm employs boiler room agents who contact potential victims directly, using pressure tactics to make them invest. These agents use remote access software like TeamViewer, exploiting the fear of missed opportunities and outright harassment to extract money. Regardless of the method, the money is stolen. However, recovery is possible, so contact our legal team for assistance.

Trading Leverage and Costs

Apexnumber claims leverage up to 1:500 and starting spreads of 0.0 pips on FX pairs for Raw accounts and 0.6 pips for Standard accounts. They also tout an algo trading bot called EQUINIX NY4, demanding a 40% profit split as compensation. No deposit or withdrawal fees are mentioned.

Other costs include commissions per traded lot, ranging from $0 on standard accounts to 3.5% for raw spread accounts. MT4 Raw Spread accounts allegedly incur a $0.035 commission per side, and cTrader accounts incur $3.9 per lot per side for EUR/USD.

False Claims About Features

Visitors trying to examine available trading tools and software must first register an Apexnumber login. Even after registering, customers find nothing new. The advertised software, costs, and account types differ from reality.

Misleading Software Availability

The site claims that Apexnumber MetaTrader 4 and 5 are available, along with cTrader desktop and web terminals. However, after opening an account, only a simplistic web trader built on TradingView charts is accessible. This is the only Apexnumber app available, limited to trading binary options, dubious copy trading strategies, and automated trading tools.

Deceptive Instrument Groups

The information on the website does not match the user dashboard details. Available assets for investing are:

  • Indices – Nasdaq 100, Dax 30, Nikkei 225
  • Commodities – Cotton, Coffee, Silver
  • Bonds – T-Bond, Euro Bund, Euro BTP

Users can also buy cryptocurrencies via a basic terminal, enabling digital asset theft.

Confusing Account Types

There is a significant information mismatch regarding Apexnumber account types. The website describes various account categories by spreads and platforms, but in reality, users encounter tiered accounts with the following prices:

  • Bronze – $1,000
  • Silver – $10,000
  • Diamond – $20,000
  • VIP – $100,000
  • Pearl – Unknown

Despite claims, the company does not disclose any actual benefits or differences. A demo account is supposedly available on demand, but our request went unanswered.

No Withdrawals Allowed

The company accepts deposits via cryptocurrency transfers (BTC, ETH, BCH, ADA, USDT) and Western Union. This should raise alarms as these methods provide anonymity, helping fraudsters evade authorities. Withdrawal options are similar, with Western Union replaced by bank wire transfers. Without regulation or a Terms and Conditions document, the company is not obligated to allow payouts.

Ignored Messages

Multiple communication channels are supposedly available, including email, online form, live chat, and direct messages. However, all our attempts to contact support were ignored. The phone number field on the support page is empty.

Got Scammed? We Can Help You!

This brokerage fails to provide any verifiable legal information. Their platform is designed to take money without giving anything back. If you have fallen victim to such predatory schemes, contact our legal team. We can help you start a recovery procedure and get your money back. Reach out via live chat on our site; the first consultation is free.

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