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AssetAce Under Regulatory Scrutiny: Warning Against Potential Scammers

Presenting itself as a top player in the Forex industry, this deceitful company promises clients the opportunity to skyrocket their profits and skills. Despite the seemingly impressive and comprehensive website, discerning individuals won’t be swayed by these false claims.

However, our thorough review of AssetAce exposes the true intentions behind this fraudulent scheme and sheds light on why multiple regulatory bodies have issued warnings against it.

Unregulated and Blacklisted: The provided contact address suggests a base in the greater Auckland area of New Zealand, but legal documents indicate registration in Australia. AssetAce lacks the necessary regulatory licenses from FMA or ASIC, operating illegally. Furthermore, it is blacklisted by ASF, AFM, CONSOB, LB, CBR, FI, and IOSCO.

The Scheme Unveiled: Launched in January 2023, the AssetAce Forex scam targeted individuals in Romania, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Victims fell prey to unscrupulous boiler room agents who, akin to AE Global Link, initially sought small investments that escalated rapidly.

Traders’ Opinions: Despite the company boasting an excellent trust score on TrustPilot, the platform issued a warning about the removal of fake comments posted by review seller networks. The inflated rating of 4.2 aims to enhance the company’s reputation.

Questionable Costs and Trading Environment: While the spreads on each account appear low, the commission doesn’t exceed $3.5. However, the unlimited leverage marked on the site raises concerns. The allegedly high-quality trading environment is debunked, with many features not functioning as claimed.

Software and Accounts: The company introduces its trading app, Sirix Station, after account creation, concealing its identity. An unknown mobile app, App4World, is available only for Android. Account diversity, ranging from Standard to Zero, mimics regulated brokers but comes at a cost.

Instrument Range and Payments: AssetAce provides vague descriptions of available financial instruments. Payment options are limited to credit cards and crypto, with credit cards offering more transparency. However, the minimum funding and withdrawal amount is $150 or 0.005 BTC, lacking detailed fee explanations.

Customer Support Absence: While the site lists a phone number and email as contact channels, there’s no evidence of a dedicated customer support center. This absence contrasts sharply with the expectations of proper customer service at reputable brokerage sites.

Final Warning: is a front for an illegal forex broker scam. The lack of registration and licensing, along with its blacklist status, exposes the site’s smoke-and-mirrors tactics. If you’ve had dealings with this company, consider withdrawing your funds promptly. Our experts can assist in the withdrawal process, so feel free to book a free consultation using the live chat on our website.

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