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AutoFX Broker: Unmasking Deceptive Practices and Security Concerns


As the online trading landscape continues to expand, it is crucial for investors to be vigilant and informed when choosing a brokerage. In this review, we expose potential red flags associated with AutoFX Broker, shedding light on concerns related to regulation, security, and overall credibility. This comprehensive analysis aims to provide investors with valuable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions in safeguarding their investments.

I. Legal Info: Is AutoFX Broker Legit Or A Scam?

AutoFX Broker, operated by Auto LLC and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines since 2022, has raised skepticism regarding its legitimacy. One year into its existence, the company’s reputation has taken a hit. This review serves as a cautionary guide, revealing discrepancies in claims related to regulations, security, and other vital aspects.

a. Regulated By: No Regulations
b. Is This Company Safe? No
c. Known Websites:
d. Have Warnings From: N/A
e. Registered In: Saint Vincent and Grenadines
f. Operating Since: 2023
g. Trading Platforms: Web trader
h. Maximum Leverage: 1:200
i. Minimum Deposit: $100
j. Deposit Bonus: Available
k. Trading Assets: Cryptos, Indices, Metals
l. Free Demo Account: Available

II. AutoFX Broker Regulation: A Mirage

Despite AutoFX Broker’s claims of being a regulated entity, investigations reveal a lack of concrete evidence supporting these assertions. SVG’s Financial Services Authority no longer issues trading broker licenses, and the absence of top-tier licenses such as ASIC, BaFin, or FCA raises doubts about the broker’s commitment to financial regulations and fund protection measures.

III. Victims and Global Reach:

AutoFX Broker’s problematic presence is notable in countries with stringent regulations, leading to frequent complaints from traders. Victims, particularly from France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, and Czechia, have reported issues. Investors are encouraged to share their experiences and seek assistance if they suspect fraudulent activities.

IV. Traders Reviews: A Consistent Warning

A significant 70% of negative comments on Trustpilot, totaling 80 reviews, primarily highlight withdrawal issues, a critical concern for any investor. Despite these challenges, investors are urged not to lose hope, and our refund specialists are available to analyze cases and provide potential solutions.

V. Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees, and Taxes:

AutoFX Broker’s offering of an unusually high leverage of 1:200 is a red flag, as properly regulated companies adhere to lower leverage limits. The lack of negative balance protection and undisclosed fees raise concerns about the transparency of the broker’s trading practices.

VI. Trading Features and Platforms:

AutoFX Broker’s attractive features, such as auto managers, auto trading bots, and automated copy trading, come under scrutiny due to the lack of regulation. The absence of details about the base trading platform and limited trading assets further contribute to doubts about the broker’s reliability.

VII. Withdrawal Challenges:

The withdrawal process with AutoFX Broker appears problematic, with claims of processing withdrawals within one day. However, the company sends refunds for card transfers only up to the deposit amount, and withdrawals above this amount must go through an alternative method, such as crypto. This raises questions about the broker’s transparency and withdrawal policies.

VIII. Customer Support:

AutoFX Broker’s limited contact options, relying on a web contact form and an encrypted Telegram group for registered users, do little to instill trust. Investors are advised to exercise caution and explore demo accounts with more transparent companies.


AutoFX Broker raises several red flags that warrant careful consideration by potential investors. From questionable regulations and security measures to withdrawal challenges and a lack of transparency, the broker’s credibility is under scrutiny. As vigilant traders, prioritizing safety and choosing brokers with established reputations and robust regulatory frameworks is crucial. If you have encountered issues with AutoFX Broker, reporting your experience and seeking professional assistance is a crucial step toward protecting yourself and others from potential scams.

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