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Invesco Scrutiny: Exposing Deceptive Practices and Warning Signs


In the realm of online trading, the importance of due diligence cannot be overstated. In this detailed Inveslo review, we dissect the practices of this broker to reveal potential dangers and safeguard your investments. Operating from a jurisdiction with loose regulatory systems, Inveslo raises concerns that every trader should be aware of. Read on to understand how to protect your funds and explore avenues for recovering lost investments.

I. Untraceable Legal History:

Invesco operates in a region with poorly developed foreign exchange markets and unclear regulatory oversight. While the National Bank in Kazakhstan is supposed to regulate Forex dealers, a lack of information on the website raises red flags. The absence of Inveslo in the list of 39 legit brokerage firms further underscores the need for caution. Limited protection through Financial Commission membership highlights the risks associated with this platform.

II. Tried And Tested Con Scheme:

The Inveslo scam, facilitated through their website, has been active since June 2020, attracting traffic from various countries. Utilizing social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and YouTube, boiler room agents aggressively target potential victims. Reports suggest missing funds and failed withdrawal attempts, exposing the fraudulent nature of the operation.

III. Suspicious Looking Ratings:

While the TrustPilot score is less than stellar, the absence of comments on other platforms like SiteJabber adds to the uncertainty. Recent customer testimonials express growing dissatisfaction, emphasizing the critical need for caution when dealing with Inveslo.

IV. Abnormal Trading Terms:

Invesco offers leverage up to 1:2000, a risky proposition contrary to sound risk management practices. Trading fees claim to be as low as 0.1 pips without commissions, yet undisclosed potential fees pose a threat. A 50% welcome bonus and cashback promotions, though not openly discussed, add to the unclear conditions.

V. Trading Tools Not As Advertised:

The extravagant trading platform on the homepage is revealed to be a Demo version, limiting access to essential features. Suspicious downloads for available trading platforms and the use of the MT4 Demo version from the client area raise concerns about data security.

VI. Instruments Only Vaguely Presented:

Invesco lacks clear disclosure on available instrument classes for trading. While advertised groups include Forex, Crypto, Metals, Energies, and CFDs on Indices, the absence of detailed information raises concerns about the platform’s transparency.

VII. Selection Of Trading Accounts:

Tiered account structures with varying minimum deposits claim to offer better trading solutions. However, the lack of clarity on specific benefits and the notably high starting deposit of $100 for the least costly account add to the skepticism.

VIII. Dysfunctional Demo:

Inveslo’s demo account lacks actual login credentials for the MT4 software, rendering it useless for practical testing. This limitation adds to concerns about the transparency and reliability of the platform.

IX. We Don’t Need No Education:

Educational materials, including webinars, guides, ebooks, and blogs, are advertised but are locked behind a paywall. The accessibility of these materials may be part of the fraudulent scheme.

X. Payment Processing Goes Wrong:

Advertised funding methods, including Crypto, Credit/Debit Cards, Local Transfers, E-wallets, and various Southeast Asian Banks, raise questions about the actual location of the operation. Statements allowing the suspension of withdrawals for specific accounts and undisclosed fees jeopardize clients’ withdrawal capabilities.

XI. Cooperative Support Team:

Despite other concerns, the customer support team is multilingual, available 24/7, and responsive. While the support team appears cooperative, it does not negate the overarching concerns about the platform.

XII. It’s Not Over Yet! Ask For a Chargeback!

Recognizing the signs of a potentially fraudulent brokerage, there is still hope for recovering stolen capital. By seeking legal support and exploring chargeback options, victims can take steps to reclaim their funds. To initiate a free consultation for more information and assistance, contact our live chat agents.


In conclusion, the Inveslo review uncovers concerning practices and red flags that demand trader vigilance. Protecting your investments in the dynamic world of online trading requires thorough research, skepticism toward enticing promotions, and a commitment to staying informed. Our experts are available for a free consultation to guide you through recovery options and ensure your financial security.

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