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The recent surge in cryptocurrency popularity has unfortunately given rise to fraudulent platforms seeking to prey on unsuspecting investors. is one such platform that appears as part of a dubious network of scams. In our comprehensive Review, we expose the illegal nature of this business and strongly advise readers against investing in what could be a potentially hazardous venture.

I. Completely Illegal Business: is part of a series of identical websites, including,,, and, all following a common pattern. Notably, none of these platforms holds the necessary licensing to provide their claimed services, as verified through inquiries with respected regulatory bodies such as NFA, AUSTRAC, BaFIN, CySEC, FCA, and FINMA. Investors are urged to prioritize regulated exchanges for secure trading, steering clear of unscrupulous entities like

II. High Profits Used As Bait: relies on boiler room agents who employ social networks or phone calls to entice victims with promises of high Return on Investment (ROI) and guaranteed profits. Targeting nations such as Germany, Italy, Czechia, Portugal, and France, this fraudulent domain operates with a short-lived online presence, making asset recovery challenging once the operation is inevitably shut down. Victims are strongly encouraged to initiate recovery efforts promptly through our expert assistance.

III. All Comments Are Negative:

Although reviews are limited, those available uniformly criticize the company’s conduct, resulting in a low average score of 2.3 on the TrustPilot platform. Clients have reported instances of fraud, emphasizing the importance of vigilance. Reddit discussions further expose the predatory nature of the website, validating concerns raised by users.

IV. Costs Are A Great Unknown:’s website provides no information about trading costs, including swaps, commission, leverage, or fees, leaving room for arbitrary numbers to be introduced when victims attempt withdrawals. In stark contrast, regulated companies are mandated to maintain financial transparency, ensuring clients are well informed about the costs associated with their services.

V. Referral Campaign:

To expand its pool of victims, employs a referral program offering alleged commissions for introducing new clients. The lack of transparency around the actual commission structure raises suspicions, resembling a pyramid scheme that poses risks for both existing and new investors.

VI. Empty Site Deprived Of Features:

Despite false advertisements, lacks essential trading utilities, including a trading app, a demo environment, educational resources, and a help desk. The absence of trading software limits users to an exceedingly simple investment tool, devoid of even basic charting tools.

VII. Minuscule Asset Diversity: falls short in terms of asset diversity, offering only a limited selection of coin pairs with USDT as the base currency. In contrast to regulated exchanges offering thousands of tokens and coins,’s meager offerings raise concerns about its legitimacy.

VIII. Transactions Blocked By VIP Tiers:

The platform introduces VIP levels with recurring subscription-like deposits, blocking trading functionalities based on receipt limits. These VIP tiers require additional deposits, restricting clients from utilizing their full initial deposit until higher tiers are reached. The associated investment plans promise guaranteed profits but lack transparency.

IX. No Payment Policy: provides no legal documentation outlining the withdrawal procedure, leaving users uninformed about the payout process. The firm allegedly accepts payments through TRC20 and ERC20 blockchain networks, with limited guidance provided through tutorial screenshots sourced from other exchanges.

X. Support Not Included: offers no support on its website, providing only an email for contact, which proved unresponsive during our inquiry. In light of these concerns, investors who have fallen victim to this scam are encouraged to seek professional assistance through a free consultation with our experts.

Conclusion: is identified as one among many identical fraudulent schemes designed to exploit individuals for financial gain. With the absence of a genuine trading environment and questionable payment processing, investors are at significant risk. Victims are urged to initiate recovery efforts promptly by booking a free consultation with our experts through the available live chat on our website. Take action today and reclaim control over your funds!

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