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Dorchester Center, MA 02124 Review – Revealing Deceptive Practices Amidst Slick Advertising


Despite its claim as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, raises significant concerns through its deceptive practices and lack of transparency. This review delves into the platform’s red flags, urging potential investors to exercise caution and protect their capital from potential risks.

I. Anonymous Crypto Operators: alleges to be a prominent Australian crypto portal registered with AUSTRAC. However, a thorough investigation reveals no matching entity in the AUSTRAC register. Moreover, searches across Tier 1 databases, including FCA, BaFin, FINMA, CySEC, and NFA, yield no records of this dubious entity. The absence of credible information deems a questionable service with no verifiable credentials.

II. Another TikTok Scheme:

Launched in October 2023, targets nations like the United States, Canada, Australia, Fiji, and Ukraine. The platform is associated with TikTok crypto giveaway scams, utilizing DeepFake AI software to create misleading videos featuring influential figures like Warren Buffet. These scams entice users to create trading accounts, leading to fund theft.

III. Not as Affordable as Marketed: imposes exorbitant charges on users, contrary to its marketed affordability. Default Maker/Taker fees for regular users are 0.20% and 0.14% for Premium users. Additional costs include internal and external fees, a 1% + 18% commission on the first withdrawal, and a 5% interest on funds remaining after transactions. The platform lacks transparency, revealing hidden charges that users may incur.

IV. Referral Bonus:

Employing a referral program, follows a Ponzi scheme model, incentivizing existing members to recruit new users. The referral bonus operates across three levels, with varying percentages of commission based on referral categories. The program raises concerns about the platform’s sustainability and integrity.

V. Impractical Trading Tools: fails to provide reliable trading tools, offering a web terminal with deceptive information and unreliable market details. The absence of advanced software hinders users from navigating the highly volatile cryptocurrency market effectively.

VI. Premium VS Regular Account:

Details about’s premium accounts, including costs and features, remain undisclosed. While premium users are promised lower fees, trade discounts, exclusive support channel access, and VIP signals, the lack of transparency raises questions about the legitimacy of these offerings.

VII. Nothing to Withdraw:

As the platform operates with simulated trades and an artificial trading environment, the profits displayed are not real or available for withdrawal. Funds deposited via crypto channels are immediately redirected to an anonymous wallet, preventing users from withdrawing even their initial deposits. employs various methods, including trading volume requirements and hidden fees, to obstruct withdrawals.

VIII. No Help Desk: lacks a specialized customer support team on its website, leaving users to rely on a limited set of FAQs that appear more geared towards enticing spending than providing genuine assistance.

IX. Fraudsters Took Your Money? We Can Get It Back! is an unlicensed and unregulated cryptocurrency exchange employing misleading tactics to attract potential victims. Victims of this or similar online cons, like Investing X, are encouraged to contact legal experts for potential recovery. A 24/7 live chat option is provided for convenience.


The crypto platform exhibits red flags, signaling potential risks for investors. With a lack of verifiable credentials, deceptive practices, and hidden charges, the platform raises concerns about its legitimacy. Investors are urged to exercise caution and explore reliable cryptocurrency exchanges with proper regulatory oversight. If you’ve encountered financial losses due to or similar scams, recovery options are available through legal experts reachable via the provided 24/7 live chat.

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