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Dorchester Center, MA 02124 Review – Revealing Deceptive Tactics and Unsettling Realities, a self-proclaimed top-tier European exchange, has raised alarms with its deceptive practices and obscured details. This comprehensive review aims to expose the red flags, ensuring you are well-informed to shield yourself from potential scams.

Legal Info: Is Legit Or A Scam?

The absence of regulatory oversight is a glaring concern for Operating in anonymity, the company’s registration details and governing law are questionable. While the terms hint at a connection to Malta, the lack of approval from authoritative bodies like MFSA, FCA, or BaFin raises skepticism.

Who Are’s Victims? appears to target European countries with stringent financial regulations, including Germany, Poland, and Spain. Victims from these regions are urged to report the company to local authorities like BaFin, CNMV, and KNF and seek advice from refund experts for potential recovery.

Investment Costs With

Despite promoting initial trades with 0% fees,’s fee structure reveals hidden costs. To access the lowest fees, users are prompted to purchase a Premium account. Moreover, the company operates similar schemes on various platforms like,,, raising concerns about its credibility.


While bonus offers are mentioned in the terms, transparency is lacking. Caution is advised, especially if the company presents celebrity endorsements or giveaways on platforms like TikTok. Trading Features

The company’s claimed 24-hour market volume of almost $68 million raises doubts about its transparency and legitimacy. The use of a fraudulent web-based platform, instead of trusted desktop or mobile apps, adds to concerns about convenience and reliability.

Available Trading Assets

Given the company’s anonymity, skepticism surrounds the legitimacy of its listed assets. Investors are cautioned to opt for top-tier regulated exchanges rather than risking investments on

Account Types’s account types primarily depend on deposits, offering better conditions for higher volumes. However, features that should be available for every customer are seemingly restricted, raising questions about equality.

Mobile Trading App

The absence of a trusted mobile trading app further diminishes’s credibility. Security concerns arise from the poorly designed web-based platform, impacting user trust.

Demo Account lacks a demo account, hindering users from testing the platform with virtual funds. This absence of a basic feature raises suspicions about the company’s commitment to transparency.


In line with a typical scam, fails to provide educational programs, webinars, or live sessions. Traders are encouraged to choose licensed companies for comprehensive education and support. Withdrawal

The withdrawal process remains shrouded in mystery, with disclosed fees likely not revealing the entire picture. Unregulated companies often employ tactics to impede payouts, making transparent withdrawal policies crucial. Users facing irregularities are advised to pursue chargebacks promptly.

Customer Support’s customer service inadequacies are evident in the absence of accessible contact options for non-registered clients. Even registered clients may resort to encrypted channels like WhatsApp and Telegram, raising concerns about transparency and reliability.

Key Information To Consider About

With a lack of licensing, obscured ownership details, and misleading practices, is deemed highly suspicious. Traders are strongly advised not to entrust any funds to this platform. For those who have unfortunately engaged with, seeking assistance from refund specialists is recommended, with the first consultation offered at no cost.

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