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Biterrex Review – Unveiling Deceptive Practices, Shady Registration Statements, and More

Biterrex, a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency exchange, has raised concerns with its elusive ownership details and questionable legal information. This in-depth Biterrex review is designed to shed light on the red flags, prompting caution and awareness among potential traders.

Legal Info: Is Biterrex Legit or a Scam?

Biterrex claims to be registered with MSB in the United States, but the lack of transparent ownership and legal information makes verification challenging. Legitimate companies typically provide a license number for easy verification, which is notably absent in this case. The absence of regulatory approval from authorities like ASIC, BaFin, and FCA further raises doubts about the company’s legitimacy.

Who Are Biterrex’s Victims?

The company’s assertion of being founded in 2015 contradicts research findings revealing its domain registration in September 2023. The claimed $65 billion average daily trading volume within three months of operation is dubious. Traders from Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Austria, and the Netherlands are mentioned as potential victims, inviting first-hand experiences and feedback.

Investment Costs With Biterrex

Biterrex lacks transparency regarding trading-related fees and commissions. Acting more as a broker than a crypto exchange, they redirect users to third-party options for crypto purchases, raising concerns about manipulative practices.


While the Biterrex Earn program hints at incentives, transparency is lacking, and conditions for withdrawals remain undisclosed. Caution is advised, especially when dealing with bonus offers.

Biterrex Trading Features

The platform offers crypto trading services related to USDT, BUSD, and fiat currencies. Spot trading, crypto staking through third-party payment systems, and an earning program are mentioned, but conditions for the Earn program are only visible to registered users. The spot trading platform is criticized for its limited features and absence of advanced trading options.

Available Trading Assets

The legitimacy of tradeable assets is questioned due to the lack of withdrawal options. In contrast, licensed exchanges offer solid assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOGE, SHIBA, among others.

Account Types

Contrary to industry norms, Biterrex’s account types depend on deposits, with Premium/VIP accounts requiring 0.1 BTC. Activation requirements are undisclosed, raising suspicions of potential exploitation.

Mobile Trading App

The absence of a trusted mobile app is considered a significant red flag, especially for a company claiming a substantial daily trading volume. Security concerns arise, questioning the legitimacy of the claimed trading volume.

Demo Account

Biterrex lacks a demo account, denying users the opportunity to test fees and commissions. This absence, coupled with other concerning features, raises doubts about the platform’s credibility.


Despite dealing with highly risky cryptocurrencies, Biterrex fails to provide educational programs. The absence of such programs raises questions about the company’s commitment to user knowledge and support.

Biterrex Withdrawal

Withdrawal procedures are shrouded in mystery, with disclosed fees likely not revealing the entire picture. Unregulated companies often employ tactics to impede payouts, making transparent withdrawal policies crucial. Users facing irregularities are advised to pursue chargebacks promptly.

Customer Support

Biterrex’s customer support is limited to live chat, accessible only to registered users. The lack of diverse contact options raises concerns about the company’s transparency and commitment to client communication.

Key Information To Consider About Biterrex

Biterrex raises suspicions across various aspects, including registration, license details, platform features, fees, and withdrawal options. With anticipated withdrawal problems, users are urged to remain vigilant. For comprehensive guidance on dealing with potential scams, individuals are encouraged to seek assistance from refund experts.

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