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Tangent Capital Pro Review – Uncovering Disturbing Practices and Warning Signs

Tangent Capital Pro positions itself as a brokerage providing a professional and secure trading environment, emphasizing maximum security for traders. However, critical information, such as ownership details and a valid address, is conspicuously absent. This Tangent Capital Pro review delves into the various red flags, urging readers to exercise caution and consider potential risks.

Legal Info: Is Tangent Capital Pro Legit Or A Scam?

Investing with a licensed broker is crucial for ensuring protection and security. Tier 1 licensed firms, including those regulated by FCA, ASIC, or BaFin, provide a reliable trading experience. Tangent Capital Pro’s lack of regulation raises significant concerns, with the company appearing on warning lists from trusted regulators such as FSMA (Belgium), CONSOB (Italy), CNMV (Spain), and ASF (Romania).

Who Are Tangent Capital Pro’s Victims?

Operating for only a few months, Tangent Capital Pro has limited public reviews, but indications suggest activity in countries like the United States, France, Turkiye, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Targeting highly regulated regions raises suspicions of potential fraudulent activities, and victims are encouraged to share their experiences and seek advice on fund recovery.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees, and Taxes

Tangent Capital Pro offers a high leverage of up to 1:200, a clear indication of its lack of regulation. Licensed firms adhere to specific leverage limits, and the absence of such restrictions is a red flag. Claims of minimum fees and spreads are doubted, and the company’s assertion of negative balance protection is deemed questionable.


While Tangent Capital Pro doesn’t explicitly disclose bonus offerings, terms and conditions suggest potential withdrawal complications with non-deposited funds. Traders should be wary of conditions tied to minimum trading volumes, a common tactic to hinder fund withdrawals.

Tangent Capital Pro Trading Features

The brokerage promotes negative balance protection and potentially a fast platform. However, given the lack of regulation, these claims remain uncertain. Traders are advised to approach such statements with caution, considering the availability on the platform.

Trading Platform Available

Tangent Capital Pro relies on a web trader instead of established platforms like cTrader or MetaTrader. This choice raises suspicions of manipulation, as web-based platforms are considered less secure. Traders are recommended to choose licensed companies with trusted tools.

Available Trading Assets

Tradeable assets lack diversity, and concerns arise about the legitimacy of market data, P&L, and balance. The absence of indices and crypto assets is notable, limiting options for investors.

Account Types

Tangent Capital Pro’s account types primarily differ in leverage and minimum deposit requirements. The options include Small ($100), Medium ($5,000), Big ($15,000), and VIP ($40,000). The lack of clarity on activation requirements raises concerns about potential exploitation.

Mobile Trading App

The absence of a mobile application is a notable drawback, especially for a company claiming substantial trading volume. This raises questions about the legitimacy of the claimed trading activity.

Demo Account

Tangent Capital Pro lacks a demo account, preventing users from testing the platform’s features. The absence of such a basic feature raises suspicions about the platform’s transparency and user-friendliness.


The company’s educational offerings are minimal, providing only basic materials and glossaries. Traders are encouraged to compare these offerings with those of Tier 1 licensed companies for a stark contrast.

Tangent Capital Pro Withdrawal

Withdrawal procedures are shrouded in mystery, with a lengthy processing time of up to 7 days. Lack of transparency on verification and fees-related issues adds to the challenges, making fund withdrawal difficult.

Customer Support

Tangent Capital Pro’s customer service is limited to email and a web contact form, available only during specific hours. The lack of accessible customer support raises concerns about the company’s commitment to client communication.

Key Information To Consider About Tangent Capital Pro

Tangent Capital Pro raises suspicions across various facets, including legal compliance, platform features, fees, and withdrawal options. The brokerage’s inclusion in warning lists underscores its dubious activities. Traders who believe they have experienced financial losses are encouraged to seek assistance from refund experts for personalized guidance, with the initial consultation provided at no cost.

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