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Audacity Capital Review – A Closer Look at Education and Profitability

Engaging in Forex and CFD trading requires skill and knowledge, and with the support of a reputable prop firm, traders can unlock profitable opportunities. Audacity Capital, established in 2014, is a proprietary firm offering funding to professional traders who pass their challenges.

Legally Incorporated in the UK
Audacity Global Limited, registered in 2018 according to the UK Companies House, operates as a proprietary firm. While prop firms are not obligated to obtain an FCA financial services license, adherence to AML measures and transparency rules is essential.

Long-Running Service
Discrepancies regarding the domain’s launch date raise concerns, with the WhoIs database indicating 2014, four years before the firm’s registration. Active on various social media platforms, Audacity Capital targets clients in regions such as the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Nigeria, and Morocco.

Contrasting Client Testimonials
Trustpilot reviews boast nearly 100% 5-star ratings, while other platforms like SiteJabber lack comments. Traders should exercise caution and seek professional advice if suspicious activities are observed.

Trading Conditions and Costs
During the challenge phase, traders can access a maximum leverage of 1:100, showcasing risk-managing abilities. Detailed trading costs and spreads are available within the terminal.

Affiliate Campaign
Participating in the affiliate program offers commissions ranging from 7% to 10% for referring new traders on a monthly basis. The two-tiered structure provides earning opportunities for affiliates.

Admirable Trading Tools
Audacity Capital features advanced trading software like MT4 and MT5, providing diverse funding programs and challenges. The conditions for using these features are subject to the trader’s preferences and goals.

Ability Challenge
To gain access to trading funds, traders must pass the initial Ability Challenge, with various trading volumes and corresponding fees. Refundable fees vary based on the chosen amount.

Funded Trader Program
The Funded Trader Program includes six stages, each with a 10% profit goal and a maximum drawdown of 10%. Account sizes range from $15,000 to $480,000.

Limited Tradable Assets
While Audacity Capital offers attractive conditions, the limited availability of tradeable products, including Forex, Indices, and Commodities, may be a drawback for some traders.

Industry Standard Trading Software
Audacity Capital relies on industry-standard trading software, MT4 and MT5, known for reliability, order execution speed, and advanced market depth features.

Mobile Apps
Compatibility with mobile devices is ensured through the availability of MetaTrader software on App Store and Google Play for both MT4 and MT5.

Advanced Education Courses
Audacity Capital provides educational guides in the form of articles on its website. Additionally, academic-grade education materials are available for in-house training, offered through payment or installment options.

Claiming Profits
Profits can be claimed once the targeted trading volume of 10% is achieved, with withdrawals processed within 48 hours. However, the profit split is 50%, which may be considered lower than alternative schemes.

Help and Support
Audacity Capital offers support through live chat, an FAQ database, a forum, and a support email. Support services are accessible through Zendesk.

Audacity Capital offers opportunities for talented traders to secure funding for substantial trading amounts. Traders seeking support or facing withdrawal issues should consult legal experts to claim rightfully earned profits. Contacting support for a free consultation can help navigate potential challenges.

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