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RUNE Rockets as THORSwap Resumes Trading Amid Hack Rumors

In a surprising turn of events following the recent THORSwap ledger hack, the native token of THORChain, RUNE, experienced a substantial overnight surge, capturing the attention of the global crypto community. Despite initial challenges, what fueled this impressive comeback?

A Momentary Trading Halt and an Unanticipated Recovery
The rollercoaster journey for RUNE began when THORSwap, a major exchange within the THORChain ecosystem, temporarily halted trading last week. This decision was prompted by alleged illicit fund movements connected to the FTX exploit in November 2022.

While trading was paused, critical services like lending, borrowing, and staking continued to operate, showcasing the resilience of the THORChain ecosystem. THORSwap plays a pivotal role by leveraging assets deposited in THORChain for seamless interoperability among various blockchains, enabling cross-chain swaps.

The recent resumption of trading came with updates to THORSwap’s “terms of service,” incorporating additional safeguards to prevent illicit fund flows and ensure legal compliance.

RUNE’s Rollercoaster Ride
Before its remarkable overnight surge, RUNE had faced a notable downtrend following THORSwap’s trading suspension. Within the week, the token had dropped by 27%, falling from $2.03 to lows of $1.48. However, RUNE’s positive reversal garnered significant market attention and propelled it on an impressive upward trajectory.

Interestingly, the governance token of THORSwap, THOR, also joined the rally, experiencing an 11.5% increase following the trading resumption.

As trading recommenced, THORChain’s trading volumes experienced a substantial rebound. Volumes surged to $62 million on Thursday, bouncing back from a recent dip below $30 million, as per data from THORChain Explorer.

This surge in trading activity signaled renewed investor confidence in the ecosystem and the credibility of RUNE as a cryptocurrency.

Guarding Against Illicit Activities
Addressing the issue of illicit funds, the THORSwap team not only resumed trading but also proactively updated its terms of service. The updates include measures to block users from countries sanctioned by the U.S. This strategic move, done in collaboration with an industry leader, is seen as a step towards regulatory compliance.

While some in the crypto community appreciate efforts to prevent financial crimes, concerns have been raised about potential contradictions with decentralization principles. The decision to block users from sanctioned countries is seen by some as negatively affecting innocent individuals, sparking debates within the crypto community.

Navigating Crypto Scams
In the crypto world, security is paramount, especially when dealing with scams. If you fall victim to a crypto scam, take immediate action by changing your password, enabling two-factor authentication, and notifying relevant authorities and platforms.

For wallet-related scams, contact your provider for assistance. Stay informed about the latest scam techniques and exercise caution in your crypto dealings. In complex cases, seeking legal advice may be beneficial.

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