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Review of Mortimer Investment: Cautionary Insights for Traders

Mortimer Investment raises red flags with its lack of transparency and reluctance to provide essential information, such as addresses, founders, legal names, or contact details. This absence of clarity strongly suggests a potential scam, prompting the need for caution.

The claim of possessing FCA and SCB (Bahamas) licenses is contradicted by a warning from the Monetary Authority Service (MAS) Singapore. The discrepancy in regulatory information casts doubt on the legitimacy of Mortimer Investment, especially considering its dubious assertion of having over 100k clients since 2001.

Victimizing individuals in Singapore and Malaysia, Mortimer Investment targets regions with substantial economic development and affluent residents. Traders are advised to exercise caution and seek expert consultation if entangled with this dubious firm.

Mortimer Investment fails to disclose trading conditions, heightening suspicions around its legitimacy. The absence of information on bonuses, trading features, platforms, trading assets, account types, mobile apps, demo accounts, and educational programs further erodes trust in the company.

Withdrawal information is conveniently undisclosed, leaving traders in the dark about payment methods, fees, processing times, and withdrawal policies. The lack of transparent customer support options raises concerns, with potential communication limited to encrypted channels like Telegram and WhatsApp, accessible only after registration.

In conclusion, Mortimer Investment provides no compelling reasons to instill trust. Traders are strongly advised to steer clear of this enigmatic brokerage, and if already affected, seeking a refund consultation is recommended to recover funds from potential swindlers.

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