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Multivest Review – Revealing Dubious Practices

Upon closer examination of Multivest’s presentation, numerous inconsistencies come to light. Firstly, the company showcases results from 2020, claiming to be founded in 2016, yet their domain was established in late 2022. Additionally, the founders of Multivest are also associated with another offshore brand, PrimeXBT, raising concerns about the firm’s integrity.

Legal Standing: Legitimacy or Scam?

The company’s dubious registration date raises immediate red flags. With one entity registered in Seychelles and another in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, coupled with the absence of top-tier licenses, trust in Multivest dwindles further. Despite efforts to verify their legitimacy across various regulatory databases, Multivest fails to produce any credible licensing.

Victims of Multivest

Lack of substantial Multivest reviews makes it challenging to gauge the sentiment among traders. However, individuals from targeted countries like the United States, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, and the Philippines should exercise caution.

Trading Costs and Bonuses

Multivest boasts intriguing trading costs, including leverage of up to 1:1000 and spreads starting from 0 pips. However, opaque details raise suspicion regarding how the company profits. While no welcome bonuses are offered, caution is advised against accepting deals from unlicensed firms.

Trading Features and Platforms

Despite claims of award-winning platforms, access to Multivest’s platform and demo account is restricted. Unsubstantiated platform execution speed and copy trading features further compound concerns about the company’s credibility.

Trading Assets and Account Types

Multivest’s limited instrument availability, comprising Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies, pales in comparison to reputable brokers. With only two account types offered, transparency regarding deposit requirements is notably absent.

Mobile App and Demo Account

Absence of credible third-party mobile apps and demo accounts exacerbates doubts surrounding Multivest’s credibility. Without regulatory oversight, the risk of manipulation looms large.

Education and Withdrawal

Multivest’s neglect of educational resources underscores its lack of client-focused initiatives. Withdrawal methods heavily favor crypto transfers, with no transparent policy or fees, signaling potential scamming intentions.

Customer Support and Key Information

Despite claims of 24/7 customer service, only email contact is available, casting doubt on the company’s responsiveness. Multivest’s offshore registration and opaque fees underscore the inherent risks associated with trading through unregulated entities.

In conclusion, Multivest’s regulatory shortcomings, shady fees, and platforms pose significant risks to traders. If faced with withdrawal issues or concerns, seeking assistance is paramount to safeguarding investments.

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