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Review of OQtime – Exploring Overseas Markets for Broader Reach

OQtime, a Forex and CFD brokerage, has its roots in Cyprus but also extends its operations through an offshore branch in Seychelles. The rationale behind establishing overseas entities is to access larger markets and navigate regulatory constraints.

While the European arm of the platform adheres to stringent market regulations, the offshore division operates under more relaxed oversight, potentially opening avenues for fraudulent activities. Instances of such malpractices are not unheard of, with SimpleSwap serving as a pertinent example. Hence, if considering trading with OQtime, it’s prudent to delve into our comprehensive OQtime review.

Legal Compliance: Is OQtime Regulated?

Initially known as Nordskov Capital Ltd, the brokerage firm OQtime was established in Cyprus. As of November 2, 2021, the company is registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

CySEC enforces the regulations of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), requiring trading firms to obtain MiFID passports to operate across the European continent. In this context, OQtime’s regulatory status appears legitimate.

However, the firm also maintains an offshore presence in Seychelles under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This offshore entity facilitates OQtime’s outreach to traders beyond Europe while avoiding stringent regulatory oversight.

It’s crucial to ensure you’re trading on the appropriate domain. European traders or investors are advised to engage with the Cypriot branch, benefiting from regulated operations. Conversely, for those outside Europe, opting for regulated firms overseen by reputable financial market authorities like the FCA (UK), CFTC (US), ASIC (Australia), IIROC (Canada), or MAS (Singapore) is recommended.

Such regulated entities are bound by robust regulatory frameworks, offering clients protections such as negative balance safeguards, fund segregation in top-tier banks, and, in some cases, compensation schemes.

User Base of OQtime

According to WHOIS data, the domain was registered on November 18, 2020, preceding the CySEC license acquisition. Since then, the broker has been serving clients from various jurisdictions, including Japan, Cyprus, Australia, Malaysia, and Italy.

These countries feature established regulatory bodies diligently overseeing markets to prevent fraudulent activities akin to those seen with Everrise Brokers. Notably, OQtime’s European branch is authorized solely within the European Economic Area.

Traders engaging with the offshore domain may forego regulatory assistance in the event of financial losses under dubious circumstances.

Trader Reviews – Insights from Users

OQtime has garnered 31 reviews on, boasting an impressive average score of 4.4/5 (excellent). However, there are complaints against the platform on

Users have voiced concerns regarding deceptive practices, including difficulties with login procedures, withdrawal issues, and platform manipulation. Hence, it’s imperative to consider both positive and negative reviews to gauge the platform’s credibility effectively.

Available Trading Platforms

OQtime offers two advanced trading platforms. Firstly, the OQtime MT4 caters to traders of all levels, supporting features such as automated trading, advanced charting, real-time market reports, API integration, and instant order execution.

Secondly, the OQtime cTrader, though newer, is equally efficient, catering particularly to seasoned traders and scalpers. While MT4 boasts a proven track record, cTrader’s modern interface, extensive customization options, and user-friendly attributes may appeal to those seeking a more flexible platform.

Account Types, Leverage, Spreads, Commissions, and Demo Account

OQtime provides maximum leverage of up to 1:1000, surpassing the European retail client cap of 1:30. This discrepancy underscores a motivation for brokers to operate offshore.

Trading with high leverage entails significant risk; while it can amplify gains, it can also lead to substantial losses. Hence, cautious use of high leverage is advised.

Spreads commence at competitive levels, fostering profitability, with commissions aligning with industry standards. It’s imperative to exercise prudence and avoid reckless use of high leverage, opting instead for thorough practice on a demo account.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

OQtime supports multiple payment methods for deposit and withdrawal, including credit/debit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies, without imposing additional charges.

The minimum deposit stands at 100 USD, while the minimum withdrawal requirement remains undisclosed. However, reports of withdrawal issues underscore potential concerns. In such instances, avenues for potential fund recovery, such as chargeback requests for credit/debit card transactions within 120 days or wire recall requests, may be explored. Recovering stolen cryptocurrencies may necessitate advanced software and expert assistance.

Key Considerations about OQtime

OQtime, a Cyprus-based brokerage firm with an offshore presence, offers MT4 and cTrader platforms, facilitating trading with high leverage and competitive spreads. However, user complaints underscore potential concerns regarding the platform.

For those considering trading with OQtime, adhering to the regulated European domain is advisable. In cases of financial loss attributable to OQtime, seeking professional assistance for potential fund recovery, such as chargeback requests, is recommended.

To explore avenues for potential fund recovery or seek professional guidance, users are encouraged to schedule a free consultation with Scam Brokers Reviews, providing comprehensive support throughout the recovery process.

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