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Sardis Markets Review: Recovering Your Funds Is Not as Easy as It Seems

While Sardis Markets claims to have legitimate registration in the UK, there are several discrepancies that raise questions about their true intentions. Despite their official registration, there are concerns that need careful consideration, prompting a detailed examination of Sardis Markets. We urge you to go through this Sardis Markets review thoroughly and share your thoughts in the comments below. For additional insights, be sure to also check out our reviews on SwissCap and KitcoMarket. Is Sardis Markets Legitimate or a Scam?

Typically, when a company claims to be registered in the UK, it adds an air of credibility. However, Sardis Markets’ documentation lacks significant legal information and only provides a registration certificate. Verifying the legitimacy of the company is relatively simple – by checking the FCA registers. Unfortunately, a search for this trading company in regulatory databases such as CySEC, ASIC, BaFin, or CFTC yielded no results, indicating that the company’s operations are not monitored by any regulatory body.

How Does Sardis Markets Operate?

An interesting observation is the absence of any Sardis Markets reviews, leaving the company’s activities shrouded in mystery. With their leverage of 1:400, it’s challenging to gauge the direction of their operations. Moreover, the bilingual nature of their website, mixing Turkish and English, raises doubts about the location of their main offices. However, the most concerning aspect is the promotion of free Forex signals with an 85% success rate. Such details, coupled with the lack of regulation, often lead to unfavorable outcomes for traders. Should you encounter any difficulties, our refund specialists are available to provide guidance on your next steps.

Who Are the Victims of Sardis Markets?

It’s worth noting that Sardis Markets explicitly states that it does not offer services in Turkey, the US, and the UAE, or in countries where it is not authorized. However, an analysis of the company’s traffic reveals a significant portion originating from countries where they are unauthorized to operate. Furthermore, discrepancies between the company’s certificate dating back to 2022 and its domain registration in April 2023 raise additional red flags. These warning signs underscore the risks associated with trading with an allegedly UK-based brokerage. If you encounter any issues with Sardis Markets, seek assistance as soon as possible.

What Trading Platforms Are Available?

Another potential concern with this broker is its trading platform. While they offer MetaTrader 5, they also provide a proprietary platform, necessitating caution when trading. Despite the versatility of MT5, it’s prudent to avoid unlicensed brokers like Sardis Markets.

Is the Sardis Markets Mobile Trading App Available?

The company offers links to MT5 iOS and Android apps, along with proprietary apps that bear a striking resemblance to MT5. The similarity in appearance raises suspicions and serves as a warning sign to steer clear of them.

What Financial Instruments Are Offered?

Sardis Markets offers a wide range of investment options, but the reliability of trading these assets is questionable. While the selection includes popular assets like Forex pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies, caution is advised due to the lack of regulatory oversight.

Account Types Offered by Sardis Markets

The account types offered by Sardis Markets appear to prioritize benefits for the company rather than traders, as evidenced by the varying deposit requirements. Traders can choose from Standard, Professional, and VIP accounts, each with its own minimum deposit.

Can Traders Use a Sardis Markets Demo Account?

While Sardis Markets offers a demo account, it may pose risks, as traders must provide contact details to a suspicious company. Opting for a demo account with a reputable and Tier 1 licensed firm is recommended.

Sardis Markets Fees, Spreads, Leverage, and Commission

The company’s leverage of up to 1:400 suggests non-compliance with European regulations. Additionally, Sardis Markets advertises high spreads, significantly above the industry average, raising concerns about the true cost of trading with them.

Is the Sardis Markets Welcome Bonus Available?

Sardis Markets offers highly suspicious bonuses, despite their unavailability with maximum leverage. However, bonus offers are prohibited across Europe due to their manipulative nature, signaling potential risks for traders.

Is Sardis Markets Withdrawal Possible?

While Sardis Markets claims to process withdrawals on weekdays during specific hours, the lack of transparency regarding withdrawal policies and fees warrants caution. Traders should be prepared for surprises and uncertainties when dealing with unlicensed brokers like Sardis Markets.

Key Information About Sardis Markets Broker

With numerous warning signs associated with Sardis Markets, investors are advised to exercise caution. If you’ve invested with them and encounter difficulties withdrawing your funds, seek assistance immediately. Additionally, report your experience to local regulators to help prevent others from falling victim to similar schemes. Recovering funds lost to unscrupulous brokers like Sardis Markets can be challenging, but our refund team is here to help. Book your first free consultation with us to explore your options for fund recovery.

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